Thursday, February 10, 2005

Alarm door by Bathroom

By the bathrooms in the library there is an alarm door. This door is now regularly being kept "armed" as people who have recently tried to exit the Library this way have discovered. Please don't disturb my cat-naps. Or your fellow students for that matter. Do not use this door to exit the Library, except in cases of emergency. We all thank you.

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Cybertimes Navigator

Cybertimes Navigator is the list of resources used by the newsroom of the New York Times when searching the Web. You can find links divided into the categories: Net search; Journalism; Reference; Directories; Publications; Politics; New York Region; Commerce; Travel; Entertainment; Sports and Miscellany. Not only are there many, many useful links but a lot of fun ones also.

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

If it's Tuesday, this must be ...

Starting next Tuesday, Feb. 15 - The Ides of February! - a series of workshops on conducting foreign, comparative or international legal research using electronic resources. The workshops are scheduled from 5:10 PM to no later than 6 PM in the lower level computer lab. The topic of the first class is the European Union since the EU seminar students should be researching their paper topics now. The second workshop - Feb. 22 - will be about researching treaties to which the U.S. is a party.

These workshops are an experiment, but hey, let's do it and find out what happens! As always, if you have a suggestion for a workshop topic, please let us know.

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

Internet hoaxes

Is your email box filled with forwarded messages from friends containing dire warnings of viruses? Offers of free money? Children in trouble? Threats to your health or safety? Did you ever wonder how to determine whether a story is true before passing it on? An easy way is to check out the website hoaxbusters. This site organizes email chain letters by categories, and is also searchable. A similar Ernster approved site is the Urban Legends Reference Pages.
Two excellent ways to stop the madness!

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

Monday, February 07, 2005

Lexis and Westlaw - not just for Law anymore

Sure, you can search cases and law reviews on Lexis and Westlaw. But, did you know that you can also find News - the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Newsday, Time Magazine, even Sports Illustrated --sorry, no pictures :( -- on either Lexis, Westlaw or both? On Lexis, click on the Find a Source tab ; on Westlaw click on Directory and then use the search box on top - then just follow your whiskers.

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

Power outlets

The long awaited power outlets for the main reading room will be installed this week. We apologize for the noise and inconvenience, but the end result should make up for them.

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

Doing Research on the U.S. Budget?

Have all of the news reports about the proposed budget piqued your interest? If so, you can find the initial budget documents for FY2006 at GPO Access and some explanatory materials at the Office of Management and Budget. Some other sites to entertain and/or educate include the National Debt Clock, the Bureau of the Public Debt, the Congressional Budget Office, and the Citizens Against Public Waste.
Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat