Saturday, July 20, 2013

Schumpeter Blog Talks Business

Are you interested in business, management, finance and entrepreneurship?  Or do you need to get up to speed on the global corporate picture for that summer job?  A good place for well-chosen and succinct posts covering corporate and business news and trends is Schumpeter, the business and management blog of The Economist.  Named after Joseph Schumpeter, an influential economist praised at its launch as a "champion of innovation and entrepreneurship," the Schumpeter blog offers intelligent takes on major corporate giants, on company finance, failures, and public relations, and on technology, hot products, and industry-related issues of the day.  All posts are written by Economist correspondents from around the world, providing an on-the-scene as well as a global perspective on developments.  Non-subscribers to The Economist can register to view up to six articles per week.

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