Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pioneering Women Lawyers

Here's a great site for anyone interested in the history of women lawyers in the United States or women's legal history. The Women's Legal History Website, created by Stanford University Law School Professor Barbara Babcock and her students, incorporates the work of the Women's Legal History Biography Project. The site is divided into three sections: the Women Lawyers Index, with links to books, articles, speeches, and case law relating to each of the more than 700 lawyers listed; the Clara Shortridge Foltz pages, documenting the life and times of the first woman lawyer in California; and Research Resources, including a wealth of web sites, articles, documents and research guides.

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Congressional Documents

Are you an American History buff or current political junkie? Either way, HeinOnline's U.S. Congressional Library collection is for you. Check out the Journals of the Continental Congress for some Revolutionary War history accounts or the current Congressional Record Daily for what presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Barak Obama have said on the Senate floor. These are in pdf format and are searchable.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Privacy News

According to its home page, Privacy.Org "is the site for daily news, information, and initiatives on privacy". The Web page is a joint project of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and Privacy International. It includes daily stories, recent stories, and a news archive pertaining to all facets of privacy in the law and in everyday life. There is even a link to click to suggest privacy-related news stories.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

LexisNexis Congressional: A 21st Century Library Workshop

Need to compile a legislative history? Find a U.S. bill? Or, locate a report on a legislative issue? Then Congressional Universe is the source for you. This database covers from 1789 to present; provides access to the primary Congressional materials of bills, hearings, and reports; and important informational material such as CRS Reports.
LexisNexis Congressional is an important resource for not only legal but inter-disciplinary research. Come and discover how, when and why you should use this service.

You can still make this workshop:
Thursday November 8th: 3:10 to 4:00 pm
Where: Lower Level Computer Lab
No sign up is necessary. Just show up!

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Syllabus Finder

While prowling the internet, I came across a really neat tool-- the syllabus finder! Simply type keywords, phrases, names, or titles into the syllabus finder search box, and it will search the internet and return a list of syllabi related to your topic. Care to brush up on American history? The syllabus finder will find syllabi from hundreds of American history courses taught in colleges and universities (thus giving you hundreds of reading lists to choose from). Curious about Russian literature? Use the syllabus finder to find guidance to this rich field of study. Have fun!

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

New York Supreme Court Decisions

Looking for an unpublished New York Supreme Court decision? Decisions for many counties from 2001-present are available online from the Unified Court System. Unfortunately, you may not have an easy time using this search if you don't already know the case you are looking for.

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