Thursday, September 29, 2011

States Opting Out Of “No Child Left Behind” Education Law?

According to a recent news story, the Obama administration “is allowing states to be exempt from basic elements of the No Child Left Behind law if they meet certain conditions. States can now apply for waivers so that they won't face federal sanctions under the sweeping Bush-era legislation”. Read more here.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New SCOTUSblog Launched

SCOTUSblog, a respected independent source for online coverage of the Supreme Court since 2002, introduced this week its new, expanded version that will take advantage of an exclusive sponsorship by Bloomberg Law. Tom Goldstein, the attorney founder of SCOTUSblog, will remain as publisher with editorial control of the content, which will remain free to all. Coverage of individual cases and analysis will continue, along with new features. Stephen Wermiel, a former Wall Street Journal Supreme Court reporter, has posted his first bimonthly column on the Court targeted at law students. In their joint press release, Goldstein and Bloomberg Law discussed plans to collaborate on other new features designed to help law students learn about the Court. Beyond the expert coverage, SCOTUSblog will be rolling out a new "community" section soon that will offer moderated discussion and debate of a specific Court-related topic each business day. Take a look at the new SCOTUSblog.
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NLRB Releases Report on Social Media Cases

The National Labor Relations Board issued a preliminary report covering investigations where an employee’s use of social media clashed with an employer’s social media policy. Click here to read the report.

Hat tip to the Law Librarian Blog
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Monday, September 26, 2011

American Community Survey 2010 is released

The U.S. Census Bureau recently released the American Community Survey 2010. The release covers more than 40 topics, such as educational attainment, income, health insurance coverage, occupation, language spoken at home, nativity, ancestry and selected monthly homeowner costs.

The American Community Survey found at American FactFinder is a powerful tool to discover population and social information about specific counties. It is recommended to read the "Using FactFinder" to obtain the best results. You can construct your own tables and download as an Excel spreadsheet to make charts and display the information as wanted.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

25 Greatest Legal Movies Every Lawyer Should Watch

A few weeks ago, the ABA Journal had published an article highlighting 30 books that every lawyer should read during their career. They now have compiled a list of the 25 greatest legal movies. The journal compiled the list by asking 12 prominent lawyers who teach film or are con­nected to the business to choose which movies represent the world of lawyers and the law. Titles include 12 Angry Men, Philadelphia, Chicago and more. See the complete gallery of recommended movies here and many of the titles from the list are available at Hofstra Law Library on the Feature Films cart by the Circulation Desk.
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