Saturday, December 08, 2012

Pronouncing Dictionary for Cases

As a law student, you may have noticed that there are many important U.S. Supreme Court cases that are  difficult to pronounce correctly. For several hundred key cases, the problem of confidently pronouncing them (in conversations with faculty, colleagues, future employers, and in court) has been solved.  The Pronouncing Dictionary of the Supreme Court of the United States, hosted by the Yale Law Library's website, is the product of a collaborative effort by Eugene Fidell, a Yale Law visiting lecturer, the Law Library, linguistics experts, and a diligent group of Yale law students. For each of the cases, which were determined to be the most susceptible of mispronunciation, the Pronouncing Dictionary provides phonetic spellings and an audio pronunciation.  You can learn more about the Pronouncing Dictionary here

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Friday, December 07, 2012

Insider's Guide to Studying in the Library

Some tips for finding the perfect place to study:

Like it reeeealy quiet?  -  Go down the stairs near Room 104.  That lower level area gets very little traffic.  And the carrels by the stairs are frequently empty - even during exams.

Like a lot of activity - hang out in the Reading Room.  This IS a quiet talking area (which means that students can talk quietly) but it tends to fill up and try as we might it can get on the noisy side.

Take a study break and wander the Library.  You will discover some great nooks and crannies for studying  as well as the right micro-climate for your own personal comfort zone.

Check out the puzzle table and the nearby display case for a quick, fun study break

Bring your own earphones to plug into your laptop.  This way you do not need to worry about noisy neighbors.

Please remember, if you are laughing, planning dinner or talking about your weekend study-break plans, please be considerate and go outside the Library.  At your request, the Library staff will ask your neighbors to quiet down, but we cannot be in all places at once.  Also, please respect requests to quiet down.  Our goal is to make the Library comfortable for all and a conducive place to study.

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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Federal Court Ruling on Mobile Data Roaming Rule

Wondering how the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on a recent challenge to mobile data roaming rules, which allow users to connect to other providers’ mobile data services when users travel outside their own network coverage area? Find out here.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

New Economy Web Guide 2013 Under Obama

New on is a web guide by Marcus P. Zillman.  Zillman's New Economy Web Guide 2013 Under Obama presents the latest world wide web resources for discovering new knowledge and understanding the latest happenings with regards to the New Economy.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Holiday Movies Online

There is nothing like a holiday movie to start off the season right.  Mashable has a list of 14 holiday movies you can watch online here. 

Some of their titles are questionable: Is Die Hard a holiday movie, just because it happens during a Christmas party?  Nevertheless, many classics are listed, such as Elf and A Christmas Story, along with live links to several options for viewing them online. Pick your favorite and enjoy!

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Monday, December 03, 2012

Science Daily News

Science Daily News links to the headline news in a number of science categories.  There are the "Top Science News" stories; Health & Biomedical news; Biological & Earth Sciences; Physical & Applied Sciences; Technology News; and Environment News.

This is a fun site to browse for a break from the law.  Although, it should also be a good source of basic information if you have a science based legal issue. 

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Sunday, December 02, 2012

HeinOnline Congress and the Courts Library

HeinOnline's Congress and the Courts Library provides materials prepared by various Congresses relating to the purpose, formation, and organization of the federal government.  The Library provides numerous documents of legislative intent, testimony, and other historical information.  Congress and the Courts also provides Congress & the Courts: A Legislative History 1787-2010 compiled by William H. Manz as well as periodicals, links to scholarly articles, CFR Title 28 and more.  Click here to access the library and click here to learn more.

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