Monday, November 22, 2010

European Library

The European Library is a free resource that permits you to search resources of the 48 national libraries of Europe. Quality and reliability are guaranteed; although, resources are not translated. Many of the resources are digital.

A bonus are the exhibitions the European Library makes available. For history buffs check out the Napoleonic Wars exhibition:

The Napoleonic Wars online Exhibition held by The European Library and discover more than 200 exclusive rarities across Europe!

Battles, grenadiers, artilleries, attacks, victories and defeats!

Napoleonic Wars were portrayed differently across Europe. Explore the understated! Dresses, headgears and sideburns from 1802 to 1896. A selection of portraits immortalizes public figures, sumptuous houses, crowds & daily life.

Military maps, city plans and magnificent representations of the well documented assaults launched by Napoleon Bonaparte in Europe. Challenge your knowledge of geography!

Rare letters, books, manuscripts and other prints chronologically displayed. Discover the handwriting of Napoleon Bonaparte or the original "Charte Constitutionelle"!

Playing cards, comics, music scores, coins Napoleon Bonaparte’s marble bust. Discover the specials collected across Europe during "Le Premier Empire".

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat