Saturday, May 07, 2011

Pew Financial Reform Project

For a wealth of material on the recent financial crisis, explore the free web site of the Pew Economic Policy Group's Financial Reform Project. The Financial Reform Project (FRP), "formed in response to the ongoing financial crisis, brings a nonpartisan, fact-based approach to reforming and modernizing the financial sector." Tabs at the top of the site quickly access links to Project reports, public opinion surveys, Congressional hearings, related news articles, and conferences, papers and reports from outside sources. For banking and financial services, financial reform, and consumer law research, check out this valuable resource.
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Friday, May 06, 2011

Assistance just a click away

It has been great to see so many of you as I prowl around the Library. I can see you are studying hard. I know that during Exams, taking a walk to the Reference desk with a questions or concerns may seem not worth the time.

Remember that right from your laptop, you can contact us via Chat. So if you need help finding a Study Guide, wish the Library was warmer or colder or have any other concern, send a message from your seat. Since this is a service exclusively for Law Students, we ask that if you do not remember our chat name, stop by the Reference desk (just this once!) for the info.

Good luck with exams and hang in there studying!

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

How To Deal With Obnoxious Opposing Counsel

This week on Above the Law, Jay Shepherd wrote a good post about how to deal with obnoxious opposing counsel. You know the people he's talking about.

These look like good tips, and mostly amount to: take the high road, and don't lose your cool.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Online Resources: Family Law Reporter

If you are looking for a a source that reviews appellate court cases, legislative and regulatory news, and other developments in key areas of family law from across the country, try Family Law Reporter (BNA).

The Reporter provides information on state and federal issues, access to source materials, including the full text of selected federal statutes and regulations, text of uniform acts adopted by the states, and brief summaries of state divorce laws.

To access the Family Law Reporter:
  • Go to the Library's home page, click "Online Resources"
  • Click the "Family Law" link
  • Scroll down to "Family Law Reporter (BNA)"

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Monday, May 02, 2011

New home for New York Law Journal

For anyone finishing up papers - if you are looking to search articles or cases from the New York Law Journal, you now must look on Lexis. As of May 1, Lexis became the exclusive online third-party provider for the New York Law Journal and other American Legal Media publications (such as the American Lawyer.) You still can go to the publications' web sites, but searching for articles or cases on particular topics is much easier on Lexis (and you don't have to worry about registering).

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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Interview with Justice Stevens

Justice John Paul Stevens retired from the United States Supreme Court last year. He was appointed by President Ford and served from 1975 to 2010. In a rare interview, Justice Stevens speaks about the Court, retirement and his upcoming book. Read the full article here.
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