Friday, September 08, 2006

Paper Topics

Looking for a paper topic? Need some indepth research tools for an area you are writing on? Take a look at BNA resources off of the Library's Research Databases page.

BNA resources provide daily newsletters, and indepth explanations (called either reporters or portfolios) on topics ranging from Corporate, Employment and Labor to Taxation. If you want to access the BNA databases from home, ask a Reference Librarian for remote access information.

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Google Personalized Search (Beta)

In keeping with our (unintentional) Google theme this week, the ever-active folks behind Google now offer ways for you to personalize and customize your online searches. According to the Web site, Google Personalized Search offers the following features:

  • Orders your search results based on what you've searched for in the past.
  • Allows you to browse and search over your past searches, including the Web pages, images, and news headlines that you have viewed.
  • Allows you to bookmark your favorite Web sites and add labels and notes to them.

Two caveats. First, you must create a Google account before using this service. Second, those who zealously guard their online privacy should be aware that, with regard to the personalized search results and past searches features, Google will be storing information about your searches on its servers.

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Google Launches News Archive Search

As of yesterday, there is something new for Google News users. Anyone can now search magazine and newspaper archives directly from Google News for relevant articles covering over 200 years of historical information. By clicking on the"News Archive Search" link, users can search people, events or ideas to discover the most relevant articles and can also browse a historical timeline to focus in on articles from a specific time period, including the year an event took place. Sources of articles include both freely available archives, such as Time magazine or the Guardian, and web sites and databases where individual articles are available for a fee or by subscription, such as the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post. For example, a search for Clarence Darrow, the famous Scopes trial attorney, produces a wealth of articles from the 1920’s to the present. Try it out.
Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

21st Century Library Workshops?

What are the 21st Century Library workshops? Well, it is the virtual information world; Lexis, Westlaw, research databases, Google and everything we can find online. There is so much information available it is easy to develop comfort with one tool and ignore others. How does one start? Where does one start? Why one resource above another? See the previous post for our kick off workshop.

21st Century Library workshops will demonstrate different tools and provide tips and strategies for effective and efficient research. We have 6 workshops planned for this semester and each will focus on a specific topic. So get a jump start on advanced research and join us. Everyone in the law school is welcome to attend one or all of the workshops.

The next workshop will be announced next week.

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

Monday, September 04, 2006

More than Just Books

Sure, I love the books. But, as a Virtual Cat, my territory is in cyberspace. To kick off the 21st Century Library Workshops, the Reference Librarians will provide a guided 45 minute tour of the most useful online resources, research databases* and websites. Highlights include how to access past exams and great databases you did not know existed.

No need to sign up, just meet in the Lower Level Computer lab at one of the times below. All students are welcome.

Tues. 9/5 - 4:10pm and 8:10pm
Wed. 9/6 - 11:10am and 5:10pm
Thurs. 9/7 - 4:10pm and 5:10pm
Fri. 9/8 - 12:10pm and 2:10pm

* Lexis and Westlaw training will be provided separately

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat