Friday, April 29, 2005

Top 100 Sites

PC magazine has just come out with its top 100 sites for spring 2005. Because we are always looking to help you with your studies, one of the categories is education, information & reference and another is search & portals. There are also many categories for fun and enjoyment, such as shopping, travel and fun, games & oddities.

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

Thursday, April 28, 2005

No more animals in the Library

Even I know exam time can be stressful. But please, do not bring food into the library. Besides being against the policy, it attracts insects and the extermination process is bothersome to me. I have already seen ants around and I don't find them very tasty.

Also, if you bring (approved) water bottles into the library, when you are done, either place the bottles in a trash can or take them with you. Don't just leave them on/under the furniture. Thank you for your consideration.

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

Cleaning the Environment

As a fastidious feline, I can empathize with your requests (from the Comments Box) for a clean and neat Library. The Library Administrative office works tirelessly with the appropriate University departments in charge of maintenance to keep all areas clean. Of especial concern, I know, are the restrooms. I have been assured that the Law School Administration is working with the University for increased cleaning services in the restrooms. Please understand that because these issues involve various University departments outside of the Library and Law School correcting any problems may take some time.

We have had many comments on this issue. Consequently, I have added a section to the Blog FAQ.

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Urban Legends

We have all heard a good story that may or may not be true, but we want to believe it because it is such a good story. We all know that alligators live in the NYC sewers. Except that it is not true. Or the famous "sushi memo" where a paralegal at a NYC law firm was asked to conduct research on the quality of the takeout sushi in the area. This story is listed as "undetermined" since it can not be verified. It has not been declared false because too many in law firms think it possible.

Take a quick break from studying and browse the Urban Legend Reference Pages. It provides the 25 "hottest" urban legends, subject directory and search capabilities. An analysis of the urban legend is given and some of the stories that are true are outrageous and funny. Learn the truth about the "Extraterrestrial Exposure" regulation (no longer in effect).

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

Monday, April 25, 2005

Exam Hours

Yes, I hate to even mention the "E" word. In the hopes of easing your anxieties at least a little, I want to remind you that the Library's Exam Hours start on Thursday night. This means that as of Thursday, April 28, we will be open until 2am - EVERY NIGHT. Our complete schedule is as follows:
Thursday, April 28 - Thursday, May 12
Monday - Friday 8am - 2am
Saturday & Sunday 10am - 2am
Friday, May 13 8am - 7pm

Good luck - and if you need a break, come visit me for a much deserved purr!

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat