Saturday, September 26, 2009

Capturing Law Firm Information

If you are job hunting, preparing for interviews, or researching any type of information published on law firm web sites, try Fee Fie Foe Firm. This free search engine is designed to provide more effective access to law firm web site material, and aims to be the most comprehensive window on law firms, from large multi-nationals to smaller boutique firms and solo practitioners having a presence on the internet. Firm and attorney profiles, press releases, expert analysis, and other information can be found quickly, with date limitations, and with results tags for "people," "expertise," "publications," and "media releases." To search firms beyond the United States, select UK, Canada, or one of several other countries.

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

Friday, September 25, 2009

Prowling outside of the Law Library

I do occasionally venture out of the virtual law world and into other virtual spaces. If I have to do research, I prowl the Axinn Library and look at their Research Databases. I almost always start my non-legal hunting in Academic Search Premier - a general interest database with references to non-legal articles (including a lot with full text pdfs) in just about all areas. Then, I'll take a look at the Subject Listing and choose my interest du jour.

If I do not see a link to the full text, then I will definitely try Journal Finder - a resource to help me find which database carries my journal of interest.

Happy Hunting!!

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Open Internet.Gov

Open invites interested parties to “join the discussion about the important issues facing the future of the Internet. Through this site you can stay connected to all Federal Communication Commission [FCC] activities on the issue, and share your thoughts and ideas on [the] open Internet”.

The site is in beta, but it is worth watching as a place to keep current with FCC activities during these days of debate over net neutrality and other aspects of Internet use and access.

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Computer History

Not impressed by your cell phone, Blackberry or Iphone? You might be when you realize that this giant supercomputer from 1972 has about the same computing power as your phone. The supercomputer lives at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley. If you don't have time for a trip to California, take a look at this photo gallery -- it is fascinating.

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Law Practice Technology Information Sources & Tools

Posted recently on "Law Practice Technology Information Sources & Tools" is a handy reference work on becoming aware and keeping current on technologies, legal and otherwise. You cannot only discover useful technologies but practical reasons and tips for use.

You may not want to use a technology, but then again you never know.

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

Monday, September 21, 2009

The National Technical Information Service

The National Technical Information Service (NTIS) serves as a central resource for government-funded scientific, technical, engineering, and business related information. It provides access to nearly 3 million U.S. Federal Government technical reports covering over 350 subject areas, including reports prepared by or for the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Making Headnote Sausage

Many of Hofstra's 1L students are currently learning about headnotes, digests, and the West key number system. The Law Librarian Blog recently linked to the video below, which uses the Heller case to show how West makes headnotes and indexes cases (it requires an army of attorneys in a large building in Minnesota).

For those who are interested in reading about Thomson/West, an article about the company appeared in the Minneapolis CityPages last spring.

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat