Wednesday, February 02, 2005

From the suggestion box

*Applause* Suggestions are overflowing from the suggestion box; keep 'em coming! We want to hear your ideas and concerns. Here is the first installment of comments and responses :

1. We need more staplers! (Or variations on the same theme).

Ernster's Answer : Staplers are endangered species in any library, not because they get stolen, but because they are broken with amazing frequency. Please report any broken staplers to the circulation desk, and we'll have them fixed or replaced as necessary. We'll also be adding staplers to the computer labs as an experiment. In the past, we've found that the proximity of staplers to computers directly relates to the strength of the virus kill-the-stapleritis. Consequently, we have positioned staplers such that we're able to more quickly identify problems before the virus reaches its lethal stages. However, based on demand, we'll again attempt to house staplers in the labs, and assess use.

2. We need to have a garbage can next to the staplers at the circulation desk.

Ernster's answer : Hm. The case of the mysteriously disappearing garbage can. Every few days, we do indeed put a new garbage can in this area, and it promptly disappears within the week. We've set our sleuths on this problem, though, and hope to have it resolved shortly.

3. Various comments on the new table locations, some commending the move and some requesting a return to the former configuration.

Ernster's answer : As you can see by the varied comments, this is one of those issue where users have a wide variety of views and preferences. Based on general usage and an assessment of current comments, the new arrangement serves users better than the former arrangement.

4. Drinks! Why can't we bring drinks, like coffee in cups from Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts, into the library?

Ernster's answer : Ernster loves coffee as much as the next cat (even though it's NOT good for him)! We don't prohibit bringing drinks into the library, but those of you who remember the former splotchy, stained carpet will undoubtedly realize why all drinks need to be in permanent, spill-proof containers. As just one illustration of the problem, look to an incident in the computer lab during the most recent exam period, where a soft drink in a non-approved container was spilled. The spill was unreported, and we were fortunate that it was found and cleaned before the stain had a chance to set.

5. Enforce the talking policy/make clear where the talking areas are.

Ernster's answer : How about meowing areas? Signs should be posted prominently throughout the library today and tomorrow.

6. Add temporary outlets (power).

Ernster's answer : We are exploring this option, but there are a few complications, not the least of which are (1) power constraints (even if we added 100 power strips, the current wiring may not be able to handle the demand); (2) tripping hazards (temporary power = extension cords and power strips. Where we can do this safely, we'll try. )

7. LexisNexis should add named folders for printouts.

Ernster's answer : I've forwarded this request to the LexisNexis representative for consideration.

Great suggestions everyone!

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

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