Wednesday, April 13, 2005 news site

Looking for one site which you can go to for all the latest news. has news on hundreds of topics from thousands of online sources, constantly updated, all in one place. You can even type a zip code into the search box and get local news for that location.

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat


Anonymous said...

this is not really a post more so than a rant. with the start of the ridiculous construction as we prepare for finals, and the denial of use of the parking lot in the back by the elementary school, this school has managed to outdo itself even further. as a commuter school, you'd expect a certain amount of preparation and facilities for parking - if you can't build up, then why not an underground parking garage?

by forcing us and the faculty to have to park farther away, take shuttles, etc. and lose our ability to park close to the law school, here is one already disenchanted student who will definitely not be vouching for her school after she graduates - nor even making any donations. what is the admin thinking? nice way to keep your students happy!

Ernster the Virtual Library Cat said...

Post, rant ... either is fine, keep the comments coming. As for this issue, I am authorized to meow for the Library only - and we had no involvement in this. Your concerns have been passed along to the Dean of Student Affairs.