Monday, June 13, 2005

Expanded Reference Librarian Hours

For those of you who have questions on the off hours - part-time evening students take note - we have expanded our evening and weekend Reference hours. On Monday-Thursday evenings until 9pm and Saturdays, 10am-6pm, you will see some new faces at the Reference desk. Dan and Helena have agreed to help us this summer to provide you with assistance with any of your research or reference questions. They are both knowledgeable and experienced legal reference librarians - and have met my exacting requirements on being feline friendly!

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat


Anonymous said...

If possible, please do not turn the lights off in the atrium when the library closes. I understand the library can't be open 24 hours, but as long as the building is open for students to swipe in, those of us studying at Hofstra for the bar would like to use it. This is especially more of a problem on the weekends when the library closes early.

Ernster the Virtual Library Cat said...

An excellent suggestion. I need to have some meows with a few people, so, hopefully by the weekend you will have light in the Atrium at night.