Monday, September 26, 2005

TV & Video Search

When searching the net (for business or pleasure) do not forget to include a search of television programming content, as well as video which has been posted to the web. My current favorite resource for locating this information is BlinkxTV. BlinkxTV uses speech-recognition technology to create searchable text transcripts (Google Video searches the closed captioning text) and allows you to search, find where your search terms are spoken, and then view or listen to the material directly from your results list (Can't do THAT on Google). Thousands of hours of programming are available including material from the BBC, NBC, C-SPAN, and ESPN. Blinkx has MANY cool features, such as smart folders (intelligent folders that automatically update their content as new information based on your search becomes available). This site's innovation are too numerous to mention here, but I suggest visiting their main page, as well as checking out the BlinxTV whitepaper for the whole story. Yet another resource with a huge WOW factor.

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

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