Monday, September 19, 2005

Yahoo Instant Search

If you want even quicker Internet searching, try Yahoo Instant Search, where results appear as you type. While you type, a bubble will appear containing relevant information. You can either click on it or ignore it and wait for the regular list of search results to appear as usual. Yahoo Shortcuts has been incorporated into Instant Search, so that when you are just looking for a quick answer, such as "Hempstead weather" the answer will pop up in the bubble before you finish typing and you don't have to click anything. When reading Yahoo's description of Instant Search, you will notice the rivalry between Yahoo and Google - Yahoo asserts "Why feel lucky when you can be right".

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat


Anonymous said...

please raise the temp. in this whole school (including the library)- why do i have to wear a sweatshirt when it is like 90 outside?

Anonymous said...

I agree. Is that where our ridiculously high tuition goes towards, keeping the law school insanely cold when it's not necessary?

And, why is this parking BS still the same, and we have to deface our car with that stupid bumper sticker!