Saturday, October 22, 2005

Law, Society and Lawyers...the American Bar Foundation

The intersection of the law, the legal profession, and society—that’s the focus of the cutting edge research going on every day at the American Bar Foundation.
For over 50 years, this independent nonprofit research institute has gathered some of the finest scholars in law, psychology, economics, sociology, history, political science and anthropology to conduct research and publish leading studies about lawyers (their demographics and careers), and the impact of the law and legal institutions on national and international cultures. The ABF is a great resource for law students. If you are wondering about life after law school and where you will fit in, take a look at After the JD: The First Results of a National Study of Legal Careers. This downloadable study tracked law school graduates nationwide from the class of 2000, and reports on their job satisfaction and turnover, salaries, mentors, debts, family life, and demographics. And for research papers or personal interest, the ABF web site features recent and forthcoming publications by the ABF research faculty: journal articles, statistical studies and books on a variety of topical issues.

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