Monday, November 21, 2005

Procedural Additions to Study Room Policy

Changes adopted as of today, November 21, 2005 : Keyless reservations and passes.

Over the last few years, the locked study rooms have caused a variety of problems, not only for the library but also to other users. Keys have been lost, misplaced, or returned days later. Sensitive or confidential information has been left in locked rooms long after the reservation for the room has expired, creating anxiety on the part of new users as well as an unwarranted expectation of privacy by the current keyholders. These are only some of the problems that have been encountered and which can be solved by keyless reservation. A keyless reservation system will also be necessary for the electronic study room reservation system we eventually hope to adopt.

Issuing passes will serve two functions. First, it will confirm to the requestor his/her reservation time, date and room. Second, in the case of a room dispute, it serves as clear authority for the priority of use.

Both of these measures are intended to improve the overall study room experience, though we realize that they will affect some side benefits. Users will no longer be able to lock their materials as they go to make photocopies or check out a wireless card. However, considering that these new procedures more effectively facilitate the assignment of study rooms for their primary purpose --- to provide a place where groups (ideally) can study without disturbing other patrons --- the change seems necessary.

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Anonymous said...

This "talking allowed" policy has become ridiculous. It has become almost an alternative to the lounge or the atrium. Tell these clowns to keep their voices down more or maybe it would be in the best interests of all students that the talking policy be revoked.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The Library is not a place to hang out, it is a place to try to get some work done.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the signs should be changed to read, "Whispering Allowed."

Anonymous said...

Also, why do people think that loud stage whispering is any less annoying and distracting in designated quiet areas? If you have to go over something that just can't wait until you walk into a talking area, please IM each other. I don't really care that you finally a grasp of intentional torts or whatever else this late in the semester.

Anonymous said...

The library noise level has been getting a little ridiculous lately...To solve this problem, I purchased a 200 pack of disposable earplugs from only cost about $20 including shipping, and I have been happy ever since...Money well invested!