Friday, February 17, 2006

Looking into the future

As the only month with only 28 days, except when it is 29, and the month with Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day and occasionally the Chinese New Year, February is a good month for thinking about dates.

Using what is known as a "Perpetual Calendar" - an easy one to use is time and - I can tell what day of the week any of these dates (and others throughout the year) will fall in the future. So, for example, I am looking forward to a Sunday to celebrate the next Year of the Tiger for Chinese New Year (February 14, 2010). I can use this for historical research as well. I have just figured out that Abraham Lincoln was born on a Sunday (in 1809).

This tool has practical applications for you lawyers. Using a Perpetual Calendar, you can check which day of the week an event happened, which may help you prove or disprove the facts. For example, if a witness claims to have been in a bank on a certain date in the past and that date turns out to be a Sunday, you will be able to discredit that witness.

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