Saturday, February 04, 2006

Meet Your Favorite Author Online

Many law students escape from the rigors of law school by curling up with a really good book--just for fun. But who has time for author nights at a local bookstore with the writer of that great thriller, bestselling novel, or fitness guide? Now you can meet your favorite author online, thanks to Meet the Author, linked US and UK websites that offer hundreds of 1 minute video clips of bestselling authors discussing their books. Last month blinkxsTV (see Ernster's post for September 26, 2005) partnered with Meet the Author in a deal that enables blinkxsTV users to take advantage of its voice recognition technology to search through Meet the Author clips word by word, jumping directly to relevant content matching themes or topics, without having to remember titles or authors. New Meet the Author video clips are added every day, making it a great resource for both connecting with writers and choosing the perfect gift book. Recent fiction, thrillers, and crime (including mysteries) are especially well represented.
Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

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