Monday, April 10, 2006

Earth Calendar

Coming in to school with students on vacation today reminded me that the holidays are coming up. Sometimes, keeping track of the dates of so many different holidays, both religious and secular can be a daunting task. A non-profit website called the Earth Calendar has made it easy. It is basically a database of all types of holidays and celebrations from around the world. You can browse holidays by date (specific date or month), by country or by religion. Did you know that there is an event in April called National Dark-Sky Week? There is also a button on the main page that says "Today" which you can click to find out if there are any holidays occurring that day. On the day that I am writing this, 4/10/06, these are the holidays being celebrated:

Salvation Army Founders DayUnited States of America
Semana Santa (one week)Mexico

Mawlid an-NabiMuslim / Islamic

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