Saturday, May 06, 2006

Weather Bonk

Exams will soon be over, and it will be time to get away. An ideal summer companion is Weather Bonk, a Web site loaded with useful and fun features for viewing real time weather, traffic and related information on a map. Weather Bonk combines data and views from home and school weather stations, major services such as the National Weather Service and WeatherBug, satellite and radar. Entering any city, state, zip code, country or airport will bring up a map with color coded icons for temperatures, web cam locations, and forecasts. With Weather Bonk, users can click on a map location to get a pinpoint forecast from the Weather Channel. They can click on any location with a web cam, such as a Long Island middle school or a London intersection, to bring up a real time view of weather and/or traffic conditions. Just moving the mouse over specific map locations shows the current temperature and wind speed. The “Historical” tab makes it easy to select a month and year since January 2004 and instantly produce a map indicating average high and low temperatures and precipitation at various locations. Check out Weather Bonk before you start your trip to anywhere.

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

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