Monday, September 04, 2006

More than Just Books

Sure, I love the books. But, as a Virtual Cat, my territory is in cyberspace. To kick off the 21st Century Library Workshops, the Reference Librarians will provide a guided 45 minute tour of the most useful online resources, research databases* and websites. Highlights include how to access past exams and great databases you did not know existed.

No need to sign up, just meet in the Lower Level Computer lab at one of the times below. All students are welcome.

Tues. 9/5 - 4:10pm and 8:10pm
Wed. 9/6 - 11:10am and 5:10pm
Thurs. 9/7 - 4:10pm and 5:10pm
Fri. 9/8 - 12:10pm and 2:10pm

* Lexis and Westlaw training will be provided separately

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

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