Sunday, October 08, 2006

Google Puts Lid on New Products

is the title of an article in Friday's Los Angeles Times.
In this article Google guy Sergey Brin states that instead of constantly pushing new products, the company is going to focus on improving and better integrating what they already had. From the article:

the campaign started this summer when Google executives realized that myriad product releases were confusing their users. "It's worse than that," said Brin, Google's president of technology. "It's that I was getting lost in the sheer volume of the products that we were releasing."

..Google admitted this year that its internal audits discovered that the company had been spending too much time on new services to the detriment of its core search engine.

Pretty candid, and quite a departure from the Google game plan of the past few years.
I am optimistic that this bodes well for those of us interested in the future of websearch!

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