Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Library Survey, Quiet/Talking Areas (during exams) Follow-Up

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey! Over the coming weeks, I will post various information from the survey, along with follow-up questions where we have insufficient information.

The first topic for discussion is talking versus quiet spaces, and this is admittedly a hot topic. The responses were significantly divided, with 49.5% of the group voting to make the entire library a quiet space. However, that means that a significant number of people still want some talking areas. Further complicating the matter, the comments that we received were also mixed, some finding the library too quiet and others finding it too noisy. Based on these responses, during Fall 2006 exam weeks, the library will retain its current talking/quiet designations.

Because opinions are so mixed, and because there are different sensitivity levels to noise, please alert the reference or circulation desks if you feel that there is too much noise in an area. They can then assess the noise to see if it is unreasonable and then speak to the noisemakers. Please keep in mind that these service desks are not situated in every library room, so the staff may not always be aware when there is a noise problem. We rely on users in these areas to alert the staff to these issues.

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Anonymous said...

It truly is the little things that count. I recently noticed that the library now has a small bowl of sealed ear plugs for students to use while studying. A great move to help with people complaining of the noise problem while not going against the students that prefer to talk while in the library.

Excellent work, keep the good ideas coming.