Monday, November 13, 2006

Eating in the Library?

Continuing on with our discussion of the survey results, today's topic is eating in the library. There were a number of comments about eating in the library (both asking if we could permit it, and others complaining that the "no eating" policy was not being enforced), so below are some common questions and answers.

Q: Why won't you allow food in the library?

A: There are many reasons, but the main ones are these: (1) we have had several insect invasions, directly caused by food in the library, (2) other students complain about the smell and noise of food, and (3) cleanliness.

Q: What is the food policy of the library?

A: No eating is permitted by students in the library. If a student is caught eating, two options are available: (1) leave the library, taking the food with him/her, or (2) allowing the food to be confiscated by library or law school staff. Multiple violations may lead to a loss in library privileges.

Q: Why won't you let students just put away their food if they're caught eating?

A: We tried this for many years and found that what usually happens is that the food is put away until after the staff member leaves, and then it comes right back out again.

Q: Will the library ever allow students to eat in the library?

A: Hopefully, yes. If we are able to find ways to address the concerns under the first question above, we would like to change the policy, at least long enough to see if we can find one that works well both for students and for the library's facilities/collection. In fact, recommendations have already been sent to various law school committees in an attempt to address these concerns.

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