Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Legalese or Plain English?

From my cozy spot near the reference librarians, I've noticed many law students working hard at legal writing, business drafting, and other adventures in writing like a lawyer. This is a great time to become acquainted with Party of the First Part: Adventures in Legalese, a humorous and helpful legal web site. Adam Freedman, a former litigator who writes the "Legal Lingo" column for the New York Law Journal Magazine, created the site "for everyone befuddled, enraged, or intrigued by legalese--yes, even lawyers." Features, including "Legalese Hall of Shame,"make the site both fun and instructive. Freedman's new book, The Party of the First Part: The Curious World of Legalese (Henry Holt and Company, September 2007) should arrive in the Law Library soon.

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