Sunday, October 07, 2007

ACS ResearchLink

The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (The ACS) has launched a site called ResearchLink. On ResearchLink, public interest attorneys post topics for papers that they would find useful to read, law students write those papers, and the papers are then posted on ResearchLink. A student taking on a suggested topic needs to be able to receive credit for the paper, and a faculty member must certify that the student received a passing grade before the paper is posted online. This system could provide two obvious benefits to law students: pre-made paper topics, and an assurance that one's work may actually be read and used by a practicing attorney. There are currently 82 topics posted. The first papers will be posted after the Fall 2007 semester.

It should be noted that The ACS is a somewhat partisan organization with stated views on some legal topics, and that all topics and papers on the ResearchLink site could be expected to have a public interest slant.

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