Saturday, October 27, 2007

Business Facts Fast: Factiva

Many law students know the Factiva database as a great source for news and business articles. But Factiva is much more than articles. Just select the "Companies/Markets" tab on the main page, and a wealth of clear and reliable information on individual companies is quickly at hand. After clicking on "Companies," enter the company name or symbol to bring up a concise "Snapshot" page. The "snapshot" includes a company description, key executives and financials, a list of competitors in the industry, recent stock price activity, and the most current news and trade articles relating to the company. For more information, detailed company profile reports and financials are also available from the menu.

Factiva, a subscription database made available through the Axinn Library, is accessible from a link on the Law Library's "Online Resources" page under Commercial and Corporate Law; Business databases (Axinn). You can also link to Factiva from the "Research Databases" list on the Libraries page of the Hofstra University website. Just be aware that there are a limited number of licenses for this database. If you are unable to access Factiva, try again later. If you have any questions about Factiva, ask your favorite reference librarian.

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