Saturday, January 12, 2008

Enhanced InSITE for Spring Semester

Are you facing a new class where the subject is totally unfamiliar and maybe a bit daunting? Two of my favorite services (see posts of February 4 and 13, 2007) from Cornell University Law Library have just been enhanced to help you out. First, get acquainted fast with some of the best websites for an area of law by searching InSITE, the legal site current awareness service. InSITE's redesigned home page now features a quick search for relevant websites, along with a quick full-text search of all 1,000-plus law-related sites ever selected for the service, through the latest issue. Then try Cornell's Legal Research Engine to find authoritative research guides, academic legal blogs with faculty and expert commentary, or the best of the legal web for your subject or research topic--or now, all three at once! InSITE and Legal Research Engine are great places to find new and reliable resources for an unfamiliar legal area-- and both are now better than ever.
Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

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