Thursday, March 13, 2008

State Agency Databases

State Agency Databases is a wiki sponsored by the American Library Association's Government Documents Round Table (GODORT). It arose from the recognition of the following fact: Much government information, especially information relating to state agencies, is part of the so-called "invisible Web". This means that search engines cannot retrieve results from within these databases. As a solution to this difficulty, State Agency Databases provides links to all state agency databases, arranged alphabetically by state, and thereby makes finding state agency Web sites much easier.

State Agency Databases is a valuable resource, but keep in mind that it is a wiki, and therefore anyone can edit it.

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

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Daniel said...

Thanks for highlighting the State Agency Databases Wiki. About ten states are still lacking volunteer coordinators. If you or any of your readers want to adopt a page, please drop me a line at dnlcornwall AT alaska DOT net.

At the current time, we are limiting the wiki to registered members and people must give their real names and a little other information before getting an account on the wiki.