Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Career Suicide Tips

Career Suicide Tips (registration may be required) or what you should know, but may not think about. This article appears in the New York Lawyer, May 9, 2008 and is written by Steven C. Bennett who is a partner is Jones Day in New York.

This is a quick synopsis of the tips.

1. Don't cover up mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes but if the error is hidden it may not be corrected in time and can cause bigger problems.

2. Don't abuse the staff. Lawyers need support staff and you don't really want them to dislike you.

3. Don't badmouth clients or firm administration. People don't like negativity and may start to wonder what you say about them.

4. Civility is a must and if you owe someone an apology, apologize promptly and sincerely.

5. Be careful with emails. Some discussions are better face to face.

6. Careful with the alcohol. Social occasions are still business and treated as such.

You should read the whole article.

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