Friday, March 06, 2009

Afraid about that first research assignment at your new job?

Whether you will be a summer associate/intern or starting your career, you want to hit the ground running. So, if you are concerned about that first research assignment, we can help.

Next week, the Library kicks off our Top 10 Things You Should Know series. We start with our feature panel of law firm librarians who will discuss and answer your questions about Cost Efficient Research and Law Practice survival tips. This will take place next Wednesday, March 11 at 11:10am - 12:30 (or as long as you can stay) in Room 206.

It will also be podcast for those who cannot make it. No need to sign up.

The series will continue during the week of March 16 with the following workshops:

1. "Civics 101: What Every New Lawyer Should Know, But Doesn't"
2. "Where do I start? Getting Background with Secondary Sources."
3. "Location, Location, Location: Where to find Cases, Statutes and Regulations"
4. "Putting it all Together"

I am the PR department, so any suggestions you may have on how to publicize these would be VERY welcome!!!

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