Monday, March 09, 2009

Research skills needed in your new job

As you read in your email, this week the Library begins our Top 10 Research Skills workshops.

Start with our special feature workshop, this Wednesday, March 11 at 11:10am-12:30 in Room 206. Two law firm librarians will share their insights on Cost Efficient Research and other Law Practice Survival Tips.
(Discussing items 4,9 and 10 in the article).

During the week of March 16th, the librarians will continue with workshops on more of the Top 10.

Monday, 3/16, 5pm-6 in Room 205 Kevin Shelton will present "Civics 101: What Every New Lawyer Should Know, But Doesn't"
In this workshop, you will learn the difference between statutes and regulations and get the basic background you will need for all legal research.
(Discussing item 1 in the article).

Tuesday, 3/17, 11am-noon in Room 227, Toni Aiello will present "Where do I start? Getting Background with Secondary Sources."
In this workshop you will learn how to find and effectively use Secondary Sources.
(Discussing item 2 in the article).

Wednesday, 3/18, 3pm-4 in Room 243, Mary Godfrey-Rickards will present "Location, Location, Location: Where to find Cases, Statutes and Regulations"
In this workshop, you will learn the best way to research cases, and where to find statutes and regulations
(Completing the discussion of item 1 in the article).

Thursday, 3/19, 4pm-5 in Room 243, David Dames and Tricia Kasting will present "Putting it all Together" (David,Tricia)
In this workshop, you will learn why KeyCite and Shepards are so useful for research, when to stop researching and how to formulate a research strategy.
(Finishing up with items 3,5-8 in the article).

No need to sign up. Come to as many of the 5 workshops as you can.

Each workshop is independent, so if you miss earlier ones, you can still come to later ones.

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