Friday, October 09, 2009

DropBox - my new file sharing toy

How many times have I wished I could access my laptop from my smartphone or using another computer and needed a file from my laptop? DropBox has the answer. I downloaded it to my main computer and put whatever files I need in my DropBox folder. I then add whatever other computers I want (by downloading the same software) and I then have access to those files. For a good visual summary, view the video at at the GetDropBox .

The two best parts are 1: any time I update a file on any of the computers, the file is updated for all. This means no more emailing files, putting them on USBs and then forgetting which one was changed. Best part 2: I can also access these files by logging into my (secure) account on the web. So, I can access these files from any computer AND my files are backed up. As a bonus, you can share files with other DropBox users.

Believe it or not, this is all free - at least the first 2GB. You can upgrade for a few $$ or refer friends to increase you space. (Your friends get added space too!)

Post a comment if you have questions.

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