Saturday, March 13, 2010

Health Care Conference in Spotlight

"New Directions in American Health Care: Innovations from Home and Abroad," co-sponsored by the Law School, was a major campus conference of the past week. Conference participants included Professors Janet Dolgin (Conference Co-Director), Akilah Folami, Alan Jakimo, Ashira Ostrow, Vern Walker, and Joel Weintraub. The Conference poster session featured posters illustrating student research papers written for Professor Jakimo's course, "The Law of Drug Discovery, Development, and Commercialization."

Among the Conference panelists was a speaker from the Commonwealth Fund, a private foundation that produces policy research and data with an aim of promoting a high performing health care system in the United States. Two great resources for comparative health care statistics are the Commonwealth Fund's "Mirror Mirror on the Wall: An International Update on the Comparative Performance of American Health Care," and for the states, "Aiming Higher: Results from a State Score Card on Health System Performance, 2009."

Have you visited the Library's current lobby display that highlights the Conference keynote speakers and their works, related library resources, and participating Law School faculty? If not, it will be on view until the end of March.

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