Saturday, November 13, 2010

Changes for Exam Archive, HeinOnline

There are some recent changes in how you access two favorite Library resources, the Exam Archive and HeinOnline. Now, when you click on the "Exam Archive" link under Resources on the Law Library's main page, you will be taken directly to the Hofstra portal to log in, and then immediately to the law exam course page, without having to use an additional password. As long as you access the exams from the Law Library web page link, this will work from any location on or off campus. Remember that all past exams in the file are submitted on a voluntary basis and at the discretion of individual faculty.

Have you noticed something different when using one of your favorite databases, HeinOnline? The homepage has been redesigned. Simply click on the blue "Log in to HeinOnline" link in the upper right corner to be taken directly to the menu page to select the Law Journal or other HeinOnline library. Off campus, you will need to log in to the network using your name and Hofstra ID number to reach the homepage. More about the new page is here at the HeinOnline Blog.

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Shane Marmion said...

If you want to skip the HeinOnline homepage and go right to your subscribed libraries page in HeinOnline, can use the following link as your bookmark. This will save you a click.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Shane Marmion
HeinOnline Support