Friday, December 10, 2010

Study Break

In my prowls of the Library, I see a lot of hard studying students. My research shows that every now and again your brain needs a break. So, in the interests of science, and helping you out on exams, here are a couple of suggestions for a quick study break.

1. Hangman online - we all played Hangman as kittens, so here's my choice for online hangman, complete with category choices (which kind of defeats the purpose imho)

2. Crossword Puzzles online - Boatload Puzzles lets you complete the puzzle online, thus saving on paper. For the hardcore puzzler, the Classic Puzzle from the New York Times

3. Sudoku - courtesy of the New York Times puzzles and games page

And, so that I can still keep my day job, if your idea of a study break is to peruse the hot topics in the news, check out Legislative Documents for the Obama Tax Compromise Bill . Hat tip to TaxProfBlog .

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

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