Friday, February 11, 2011

Time Management and email

Just like law students, we virtual cats never have enough time and often need reminders to look after something later on. How many times have you read an email, planned to get back to it later and then became involved in something else and totally forgot?

Gmail has an extension called Boomerang that can come to the rescue. Boomerang allows you send an email later (need to wish your cousin a happy birthday three days from now - just type the message now and schedule to send it on his/her birthday). You can also reschedule an email you have received to be redelivered at a time chosen by you. Great for bill paying reminders. My favorite use of Boomerang is to send and email reminder to myself but schedule it when I need the reminding.

You can download the Boomerang extension (for free, of course, this is Gmail, after all) in seconds.

Happy Friday!

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

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Macky said...

wow...thanks for this! i will need this google extension to help me answer important emails---it's always better to be late than never...