Friday, March 25, 2011

Research Skills Employers Expect You to Know

Attorneys, law firm and corporate librarians all agree that new attorneys need certain research skills. Brush up on yours at the Library's Top 10 Research Skills workshops. This is the last week they will be available.

1Learn how to develop a research strategy and find out when to STOP researching - Monday, March 28, 12:10 – 1pm in Room 242 (repeated on March 30, 1:10-2pm in Room 242)

2. Missed the first workshop on how to find statutes and regulations? There will be a repeat on Monday, March 28, 1:10 – 2pm in Room 242

3. Missed the first workshop on Getting Background with Secondary Sources? There will be a repeat on Wednesday, March 30, 12:10-1pm in Room 242.

Pizza will be served at all sessions.

No need to sign up.

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