Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Zap! Bang! Bing!--Has Google Lost Its . . . Pow?

I wanted to share an interesting InfoTip from Mary Ellen Bate of Bates Information Services:

"Most people have assumed that Google will always be their go-to search engine. In fact, the verb "to Google" suggests that, for most of us, Google defines what a search engine is. I'm reminded of Velcro, Kleenex and Escalator, all brands that have come to represent the generic product because they were the first and the best in their field. (OK, Google wasn't the first search engine, but it was the first to use link analysis to calculate relevance.)

I recently saw a press release from Hitwise, a firm that studies web market share and consumer activity. According to Hitwise, Google's share of the search engine market is down to 66%, from 71% a year ago, with Bing its nearest competitor at 28%, up from 25% last year. Even more interesting to me was that, based on Hitwise's analysis, the "success rate" of searches was significantly higher for Bing (80%) than Google (68%). Wow! [cue the music from "Jaws"]"

Hat tip to Bates Information Services www.BatesInfo.com/tips

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