Saturday, June 09, 2012

Clarence Darrow Digital Collection

When I'm not prowling the web for something new and helpful to law students, I spend a lot of time around law librarians, some of my favorite humans.  In recognition of his work on a wonderful new resource, the Clarence Darrow Digital Collection, law librarian Michael J. Hannon will receive the prestigious Joseph L. Andrews Bibliographical Award from the American Association of Law Libraries this year.  Hannon, an associate director at the University of Minnesota Law Library, was responsible for the content of the site, commentaries on Darrow's letters and other primary sources, and the acquisition of these unique materials. In addition to trial transcripts, articles, books, and a large photo archive, sources in this searchable database include 806 personal letters to and from Darrow, representing both family members and the influential and famous figures of his age. Here you will find every published state and federal case where Darrow or his law firm are listed as counsel or which quote or refer to him.  Other sources document Darrow's work on boards and causes.  Anyone interested in Clarence Darrow, famous trials, or the development of American law should find much of interest here.

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