Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Library Access and Food Policies

Access Policy

Students must present their Hofstra ID to the public safety officer to gain access to gain entrance to the Library.

Food Policy

     Snack food, sandwiches, and drinks in closed containers are permitted in all areas of the library with the following exceptions: 
  •  Foods with strong odors (i.e., pizza, fish, etc.) 
  •  Messy foods (i.e. greasy) 
  •  Foods in noisy wrappers or containers

Any exceptions to the food policy may be consumed at one of the various tables outside of the front entrance of the library

Please be considerate of others.  Remove all leftover food, food containers, and packaging when you leave the library. 

If you are using library materials or equipment after eating, please wash your hands before    handling any books or equipment.

Please report all spills to Library staff at the Circulation Desk.

Thanks and welcome back!

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

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