Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Keeping Dropbox Confidential

As more and more lawyers are cloud computing and taking their work with them wherever they go, the cloud application Dropbox is gaining a wide following in the legal field.  Dropbox works with many apps for lawyers, such as Trialpad and Transcriptpad, both built for the iPad.  But, Dropbox is not itself a secure program, because the Dropbox employees can access your folders for customer service, etc. 

The way around this?  Have a secure, encrypted folder nested within your other Dropbox folders.  One way to create such a folder is with Secretsync.  Whether you are about to be a practicing attorney or just starting the law school experience, keeping confidential files confidential is something that is priority one.  Give it a try now!

Get more information about Dropbox and Secretsync and keep it privileged.
This tip came from Tom Mighell, author of iPad in One Hour for Lawyers.

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