Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Live Tweeting and Protected Rights

The term "recommended frequency" has taken on new meaning when talking about live tweeting and University of Washington sports.  A school policy about how many tweets are allowed during a game has landed one journalist in trouble with the school and caused a furor among Twitter users who view the policy with derision.

"Washington’s official policy threatens punishment, including the revocation of a reporter’s press credential for breaking the live-update limit, and at first glance seems to be an awkward, shortsighted stance to have today.

But it also raises an interesting question: As the ability to provide real-time updates becomes more and more common — and as the line between reporter and spectator becomes increasingly blurred — should the rights to live updates be protected to the same degree as TV and radio broadcasts?"

Read more about the legal and real world implications of sports live tweeting here.

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