Friday, December 07, 2012

Insider's Guide to Studying in the Library

Some tips for finding the perfect place to study:

Like it reeeealy quiet?  -  Go down the stairs near Room 104.  That lower level area gets very little traffic.  And the carrels by the stairs are frequently empty - even during exams.

Like a lot of activity - hang out in the Reading Room.  This IS a quiet talking area (which means that students can talk quietly) but it tends to fill up and try as we might it can get on the noisy side.

Take a study break and wander the Library.  You will discover some great nooks and crannies for studying  as well as the right micro-climate for your own personal comfort zone.

Check out the puzzle table and the nearby display case for a quick, fun study break

Bring your own earphones to plug into your laptop.  This way you do not need to worry about noisy neighbors.

Please remember, if you are laughing, planning dinner or talking about your weekend study-break plans, please be considerate and go outside the Library.  At your request, the Library staff will ask your neighbors to quiet down, but we cannot be in all places at once.  Also, please respect requests to quiet down.  Our goal is to make the Library comfortable for all and a conducive place to study.

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

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