Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Print Books Are Still Loved By Library Patrons

Ernster loves knowledge and all the ways to get it, whether online or print.  As e-readers and e-books increase in popularity and sales, however, many libraries are caught between moving to the future and preserving the past. 

"While many patrons appreciate bring able to access new digital resources at libraries, they also say they value having print books and other traditional resources at libraries and still want a personal connection with library staff," Kathryn Zickuhr, research analyst at Pew, observed in a press statement. "Many libraries are torn between expanding their digital offerings on the latest platforms and still providing quality resources for patrons who may lack experience with technology or the means to own the latest devices."

What happens to your reader when the battery dies on that desert island?  On the other hand, you can probably only carry 20-30 print books, but your e-reader can bring thousands.  Like most things...it is a toss-up.

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