Tuesday, March 05, 2013

New Lawyer Tips for Success

Above the Law recently posted an article that gives new lawyers the inside track on success when first starting out at a firm.  These are the kind of tips that many new lawyers wish someone had told them before they had to find out the hard way. (Never go near the office of the managing attorney without a yellow legal pad in your hand was my own "new lawyer" lesson learned.)

10 Things Your Law Firm Boss Wants You To Know, but Isn't Going to Tell You is a quick read of small things that seem obvious...but are not. The article also references Greenhorn Legal, a company that regularly posts a New Lawyer Tip of the Week on their blog and also posts real world legal tales of horror by the (formerly new) lawyers that suffered through them.  An example? The Disaster Stories Part IV: Using Social Media Irresponsibly

The blog's author, Desiree Moore, has written a book that explain the unspoken rules to surviving in a law firm as a new lawyer.  Find Thrive : a new lawyer's guide to law firm practice by Desirée Moore at the Hofstra Law Library.

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