Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Shielding Your Smartphone

It is easy to loose track of your phone, especially now when gadgets have become a constant part of our daily life.  Your phone is essentially a mini-computer containing all kinds of personal information, pictures, family information and other things we don't want to be accessed by strangers and it can be disastrous to us when our phone is lost or stolen. 

Trying to recreate and close out our apps and stored information is too high a price to pay and might be avoided with a few protections, such as activating a "lock screen" passcode and installing a phone tracking app.

The New York Times has a page full of helpful hints for keeping your Android and iPhone safe.  As the article notes, "[for Android phones] The Lookout app can even secretly snap a photo of a thief’s face with the front-facing camera and send an e-mail to you with the picture and the location where it was taken."  How's that for a great feature! 

Read How to Shield Yourself from Smartphone Snoops here.

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