Saturday, November 02, 2013

South Africa Laws Database

This fall the Oliver R. Tambo Law Library at the University of Pretoria announced the launch of a new free website, Laws of South Africa: Consolidated Legislation.  The Laws of South Africa database provides both current and "point in time" historical versions of South African laws and regulations in PDF.  Any reliable source of foreign law in English and PDF is welcome for law student research and source gathering, but this project, undertaken with the Southern African Legal Information Institute (SAFLII), is special in showing how statutes such Marriage Act 25 of 1961 (latest version still in force) have changed over the years along with the dramatic changes in South African government and society.

The Laws of South Africa database is a work in progress. Not every statute and regulation has been added, but you will find both current and historical versions of legislation that affects citizens' lives most directly, from family law and wills to employment and the Companies Act.  Check it out. 

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