Saturday, September 20, 2014

Scotland: Powers and Promises

As a virtual feline, I didn't take sides in the Scottish independence question decided last Thursday. Scotland's people, aged 16 and up, voted to remain part of the United Kingdom. After the vote, Prime Minister David Cameron announced in his official statement that the promised work toward a new devolution settlement--with increased powers for the Scottish Parliament--will soon be underway. He also advocated working toward increased legislative powers for Wales, Northern Ireland, and England over matters of taxation, spending, and welfare in their respective parts of the UK.

A brief list of the issues ("devolved matters") over which Scotland already enjoys legislative power, and those "reserved" to the UK Parliament in London, is posted on the Scottish Parliament web site.
This site is also a good source for current, previous, and enacted Scottish Parliament bills since 1999, the year after passage of the Scotland Act (1998) that established the current Scottish Parliament and Executive.  A colorful slide show illustrates the history of Scotland's parliaments from 1235 to the present day.

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